How To Build And Sell Your One Woman Business

Aly Young

How To Build And Sell Your One Woman Business

This talk will deal with the 6 key legal areas that crop up for all businesses, with tips for ensuring that you have structured your business properly and mitigate the common legal risks faced by owners. It will also dispel some common misassumptions made by business owners, to ensure maximum protection and growth. Finally, we will discuss what you need to think about for a future exit to ensure you extract maximum value. Throughout we will focus on the specific challenges that arise in women led businesses.

Aly Young WIBBBS Speaker

Aly Young Law

We are a boutique law firm specialising in helping small business owners navigate the legal issues involved in running a business. We can advise on Contracts, Terms and Conditions, Shareholder Agreements, Buying and Selling businesses and many other things. We have a particular interest in providing support to female led businesses.

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