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Bresser Photography & Digital Media is mainly Pete Bresser, shooting a range of photography assignments, but specialising in portraiture photography. For wedding photography, Pete work with his wife, who organises (mostly him) and provides marshalling services during weddings, leaving more time for me to concentrate on getting definitive images for the bride and groom.

Pete has always been interested in photography since owning a working, but toy, camera from the age of five. His father, Vic Bresser, got Pete interested: he also loved the medium, something the family photo albums and shoeboxes of photographs are testament to. Vic also dabbled with production of his images with contact sheet prints from little light boxes. When Pete Bresser showed an inclination to the art, Vic bought Pete a full set of production equipment – development tanks, trays, enlarger and a whole host of photographic paraphernalia. It allowed him to develop his technical capabilities (Pete Bresser is very geeky)

By mid-teens, Pete was shooting weddings, and local rock bands (a great way to get into gigs and meet girls) and even covered a fashion show. He started developing images for others and made some money from selling his services. Pete studied photography while at school too and gained a nationally recognised qualification in the subject. Although photography could have made Pete Bresser a living, he was also extremely interested in electronics, computer game consoles and computers, so took that career path instead and kept the photography as a hobby where he could occasionally earn some pin money.

Fast forward 30 years and disillusioned with a career in technology marketing, Pete had to make a choice of what to do if he ditched working for an environmental consultancy. If Pete was going to ever run a photography business, this was the time to do it, just before he turned the big Five-O. Just as the Recession bit.

Pete Said: “It’s been a tough time since then, by any measure. It’s been a joy too and feeds my soul. I meet amazing people. I photograph beautiful things. I’m invited to sophisticated and raucous parties/events. I shoot what I engage with, rather than just what I see – I’m involved, not simply an observer. ”

If you’d like to meet Pete Bresser for a coffee to chat over ideas for a photoshoot, please get in touch.

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