Bubbly Books

I am so excited to be sharing the joy of books with you. As an avid book lover and mother of 2, I find Usborne to be enchanting, educational and full of adventure. Also I have rare medical conditions that have changed my career choices, but they do not define me, in fact they have helped me find my perfect place! I have a degree in clinical psychology and background in healthcare, SEN and children's education so am well equipped to help you choose that perfect book.

With the full resources of Usborne at my side, I am very keen to help schools revamp their libraries FOR FREE and with no hassle for their staff.

I also love being a mentor: supporting people to grow their own unique businesses as Usborne Partners, sharing their journey while watching their confidence, style & personality shine through and achieving their dreams.

There will be information about starting your own business with Usborne and information on how to get FREE books for schools.

There will be a range of Usborne products available to buy including: Jigsaws, fiction from baby to young adult, activity books, educational books & activities and mental health & well-being books too

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