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Carole Hayward

I Love My Mary Kay! I Offer FREE BEAUTY EXPERIENCES for men, women and teens. We have skin care for ALL - TEENS, ACNE PRONE, AGE FIGHTING, REPAIR SYSTEMS, MENS and NATURAL Skin Care.

I also carry Satin Hands, Satin Lips & Satin Body care, as well as fragrance for men and women. Perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. Part of the service that I also offer my customers and local business owners is free gift wrapping and free shipping in the UK *if* you don't already work with another Mary Kay consultant. (I never take anyone else's customers!).

If you/friends/family need gifts, skincare, or cosmetics, I'd be honoured to help. I have samples of most items, and FREE shipping. Our products are a 100% Satisfaction guaranteed and Several with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval ❤

There will be some stock and special offers to purchase on the day, or we can ship it directly to you.

I'm at your service.

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