Core to floor

As a health and wellness professional for over 25 years and being a busy mom of 4, Francoise truly understands just how important it is to have a highly effective and efficient system to support your most vital bodily functions. Bringing years of experience to Core To Floor programs she does her best to guide individuals.

After years of working with hypopressives, Francoise’s experience has helped her create the best support structure for such intimate and sensitive aid for pelvic floor dysfunction.

If you work best in your own time, and like a program to follow - The Hypocore Method is for you.

If having constant help and support to learn this new skill is the better way for you to learn, then work with me One 2 One for 6 weeks.

Then to continue progressing your Hypopressives Core Journey, there is an Advanced Live Online Class membership offers you the support and continuity for you to keep progressing and continue getting results!

Come along and learn more about these so the best program can be tailored to your needs.

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