Exhibitor Information

Nuisance emails - see the note below the event day information

Setting Up

Venue Details

Longfield Academy, Main Rd, Longfield DA3 7PH

Setting Up Times

Wednesday 7th August, from 4pm - 7 pm

(The academy is secured, but please be aware items are left at your own risk).

Thursday 8th August from 7 am

Emergency Contact On The Day

Please TEXT 07951 168863


Exhibitor parking is to the rear of the building and you will be directed on the day.

You can unload at the front of the building and move your car to the rear. There are entrances to the building from the rear car-parking area.


The venue is wheelchair and trolley friendly and all access is on the ground floor and level.

Tables and Stands

We hope you understand we will do everything we can to accommodate your preferences. However, with an event such as this, where we aim to keep exhibitor costs as low as possible, you may not get exactly what you stated as a preference.

Stands In The Zones

If you are in the Speaker and VIP area, your table will be 5ft rectangular and you can also have mini side tables as well if you need them.  You will get chairs for you, and your team and additional for visitors who may wish to sit down.

There will be room for your banners and there will be space behind your stand.

You will be able to access electricity but please make sure you bring an extension lead that is new or has been PAT tested.

‘Cafe’ Seating Area

There are two dedicated cafe and seating areas, and if you are in the Speaker and VIP area, there will be small tables dotted around close by for you to breakout with a prospective client or collaborator for a more comfortable conversation away from your stand.

Most of the talks are taking place in the Zone areas.

If you will offer 1:1 or special offers on the day, please get them to us asap so we can promote them.

Stands in The Main Concourse

Your table could be 3ft x 2ft or up to 5 ft.

You can put banners up behind you.

You get chairs for you, and others attending with you.

There is very limited access to electricity.


Because of potential security risks to the Academy Trust Wi-Fi, we have to provide this.  We aim to provide sufficient Wi-Fi for your payment terminals to work.  However, working Wi-Fi at an event can never be guaranteed and many technical problems can scupper it, so please ensure you have a backup with you.  Many payment solutions no longer need Wi-Fi to work, such as Square and a personal hotspot is useful if you want to get online to show a potential client a website.  But we recommend you have as much information with you and accessible on the day without relying on the internet.


Our cafe will serve fresh filter coffee, a selection of teas, cakes, croissants and savoury Pizza Waffles with a vegetarian option.

There is a Waitrose approx 1/2 a mile away.

A cafe are will serve hot and cold drinks, cakes and croissants.

The Agenda

Below are the key points of the day for you as exhibitors.

We will publish separately the timings of each talk as these are subject to change in the day.

8.15am - Main Theatre (Ground Floor)

VIP, Exhibitor, and Sponsor opening.

This is an excellent opportunity to network and get included in the official event photos, if you wish.

9am - Event Opens

Speaker schedule to be announced.

4pm - event closes to visitors.


Nuisance Emails - see the note below the event day information

The mail scammers are at it again!

You may get an email offering to sell you the attendee list.
There isn’t an attendee list; in fact as it’s a free event and people don’t have to register before-hand there couldn’t ever be an attendee list until after the event, and as we don’t require people to give their details when they enter there never will be. The scammers scrape the details off Facebook, LinkedIn and websites so all of the information they have is in the public domain as well.
We liaised extensively with the fraud police about this last year and the upshot is that it’s not illegal until someone actually pays money.  This is because they aren’t impersonating me or my brand.  Also, according to the police, it happens when these scammers see the event as large and prestigious - so, go us!
Selling the attendee list is only stage 1, and the other tactic is to try and sell fake bookings for partner hotels in the area to delegates and attendees.
If you can just delete any that you get please - their systems can monitor if you open or forward it and that then triggers another rush of emails.
We have a page on the website about this and for the sake of completeness refers to our Privacy Policy and we are of course registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

Mail Scams, Health, Safety and Security

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