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Face The Woolf


I created Face The Woolf to help make women feel wonderful. I feel that everyone's got a little bit of sparkle in them, whether we know where it is or what it is it's in there and I want to help you release it. I want to give you the confidence to be able to face the world, to make the most of yourself, to enable you to be your beautiful self.

All my makeup AND skincare has advanced anti-ageing properties which have been independently tested to be effective in reversing the ageing process using their patented technology… a kinetic enzyme called Seneplex Complex. (I'm a Maths teacher by day so I like to find out all the science, stats and facts about all the products before using them and eventually recommending them 🤓🤓)

I’ve got all the things! I can help you with your cleansing and moisturising, I can help with anti-wrinkles, I can help with your pores and wrinkles, we've got the most amazing neck cream to get rid of that turkey neck! I can help with acne, dark circles, with puffiness.

Then there’s the makeup… our most loved product is the Lipsense which is a lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours – not a stain, it molecularly binds with your lips to keep the colour fresh ALL DAY! In my group, I regularly do tutorials on how to colour correct, apply makeup for different skin types/eye shapes/etc. I’m most in love with the Shadowsense because of its incredible lasting power!

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