Handmade 4U

Liliana Sokolowska

Handmade 4U was born in April 2022 as a result of change of life circumstances. I was born with hydrocephalus (simply saying "water on the brain") without symptoms other than being little bit slower, had regular types of headaches from time to time, and wore glasses since I was very little. But I had very normal, fully active life.
Until 2018 I was full time selfemployed (with success), was part time employed as I was changing careers into teaching and I was studying. I used to drive my own car, played guitar, sung in choir, was active in other creative activities. And then encephalitis (viral brain infection) changed everything forever.
I was housebound for two years with a lot of hospital stays, pain, loneliness and confusion.

I got enough time to learn I can concentrate long enough in peaceful house, without background noises, so I started to learn new skills.

I first discovered diamond art and I first liked it, as it was pretty easy, but with time I realised it is repetitive and boring. So I wanted to learn if I can start create by myself. This is when I started to learn how to make greeting cards. From very simple to more complicated. And then got my first die cutting machine. Wow! I thought it is amazing. It was for one Christmas season when I discovered it is size limited and design limiting. I wanted to create by myself.

Cricut was the answer. This machine cuts for me, but then I do all colouring, heat embossing and other tricks I did with die cutting machine. I am still learning to design more.

Wait now, I discovered shadow boxes!!!! I had no idea what is that? On the internet I saw all shadow boxes white with coloured lights. I thought it is boring. I decided I will colour my own and will be putting white lights in. Awesome effect.

Then I started to do the same in cards. Oh, I love playing with lights. And I love my customer's reactions when I switch lights on on their personalised (custom, bespoke) orders. This is amazing.

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