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Helen Vandenberghe

Publish And Profit

Helen Vandenberghe helps business owners and leaders, coaches and experts turn their expertise into a best-selling and profitable book in 90 days or less.

Helen has trained over a thousand business leaders, and in one month alone helped 57 experts become No. 1, best-selling authors.

You already know that publishing a book would be rocket-fuel for your personal brand, bringing you new clients, positioning you as the go-to person in your field, and creating opportunities for speaking, consulting and more.

But exactly how do you do it, while running a business?

And just HOW do you make money from a book?

Join this FREE Masterclass with 5 times Best Seller Helen Vandenberghe to discover how business owners can use their own thought leader book to EXPLODE their income, impact and independence!

Secret#1: How To (Finally) Get Your Book Done In 90 Days or Less - (Learn how to create content effortlessly and without pain over and over again)

Secret#2: How to 10x your earnings with a flood of premium client enquiries and irresistible offers.

Secret#3: How To Promote Your Book to Best Seller even if You Have NO List, NO Following and NO Platform! (Ignore what traditional publishers tell you about needing a big following and actually build a list and following WITH your book)

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