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About Exhibiting

The ethos behind the big show is about it being affordable and accessible to enable every woman in business to exhibit.

We've kept the stand costs to a minimum. They start at only £25, but it's also about not having to spend loads of money on display banners, cards, leaflets and all the paraphernalia often seen at business expos.

Just turning up and joining in is all that's needed.

There are no hidden charges for internet or electricity, although electric points are restricted.

Internet access is limited and cannot be guaranteed. You should make sure any payment terminals can run without the Internet, and that all elements of your display can run without the internet.

  • Scroll down to see which exhibition space you're interested in. You're not confirming an exhibition space in at this stage, so you can change that later.
  • Click through on the 'Get Started' and there is a short form for you to fill in.
  • We can then have a chat and get the right booking details sent to you. Email will confirm your booking and payment, and we will then start the onboarding process for your profile and promotion (depending on which package you've chosen).
  • The payment for the table doesn't include any refreshments, although we may add this as an optional extra closer to the event date.

If you would like to be a sponsor for the Women In Business Big Show you can read more about that here.

Mini Retail or Business Stand

Price £25
  • Located in the centre aisle of the Theatre area
  • Table Approx 3 ft x 2 ft with chairs
  • Business listing on the website

Small Retail or Business Stand

Price £40
  • Table 3ft by 2ft with Chairs
  • Located with wall space in the Theatre
  • Business listing on the website
  • Space for banner

Main Concourse Stand

Price £75
  • Located in the main concourse which is the walkway between the Speaker and Cafe areas
  • Business listing on the website
  • Table approx 5ft x 2 ft with chairs
  • Space for banners

Speciality Business Stand

Price £125
  • Located in the Speaker and VIP Area of the event
  • Table 5ft x 3ft or a round table of equivalent size with chairs
  • Business listing as a VIP and Speciality exhibitor
  • Promotion on social media
  • A mention and thankyou on the Women In Business Radio Show
  • Included in the events pages
  • Banner and Shell System space

Sponsoring Event Partner

Price £350
  • Table approx 5ft x 3ft or a round table of equivalent size
  • Space for a shell system or other dispaly
  • Chairs for you, a helper and clients
  • Inclusion in the exhibitors' page
  • A bio page for you and your business
  • Logo on the front page with a link to your website
  • Promotion on Social Media
  • 1 Guest slot as a guest on the live Women In Business Radio Show (Ashford Studio)

Terms and conditions

These apply as soon as you have paid for your table or exhibition space.  They can be viewed at https://www.stormchasersevents.com/events-terms-conditions/

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