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For 2021, if you're exhibiting at the Longfield Academy UK In person event, then you also get an exhibitor booth for the online events on February 19th and April 9th 2021.

The ethos behind the big show is about it being affordable and accessible to enable every woman in business to exhibit.

We've kept the stand costs to a minimum, they start at only £40, but it's also about not having to spend loads of money on display banners, cards, leaflets and all of the paraphernalia often seen at business expos.

Just turning up and joining in is all that's needed.

There are no hidden charges for internet or electricity, although electric points are restricted.

Early Bird Stands for October have sold, other stands are available.

  • Early Bird (all sold for the October 15th 2021 event) prices apply to a few stands and are on a first-come basis. After we have sent your booking details to you, you must make payment within 7 days to secure the place.
  • Scroll down to see which exhibition space you're interested in. You're not confirming an exhibition space in at this stage, so you can change that later.
  • Click through on the 'Get Started' and there is a short form for you to fill in.
  • We can then have a chat and get the right booking details sent to you. Email will confirm your booking and payment, and we will then start the onboarding process for your profile and promotion (depending on which package you've chosen).
  • The payment for the table doesn't include any refreshments, although we may add this as an optional extra closer to the event date.

If you would like to be a sponsor for the Women In Business Big Show you can read more about that here.

Small Retail or Business Stand - Main Concourse

Price £40
  • Approx 3 ft x 2 ft (some of the tables are semi-circular) Chairs for you and a helper

Large Retail or Business Stand - Main Concourse

Price £50
  • Approx 5ft x 3ft - some tables are round. Chairs for you and a helper
  • Your listing, logo or product image in the exhibitors' page

Pampering and Readers

Price £40
  • Table approx 3ft x 2 ft
  • Room for a couch or treatment chair
  • Chairs for you and your client
  • Inclusion in the exhibitors' page

Business Stand in the Start-Up, Growth or Fit For Business Zones

Price £85
  • Table approx 5ft x 3ft or a round table of equivalent size
  • Chairs for you, a helper and clients
  • Inclusion in the exhibitors' page

Corporate Stand in the Start-Up, Growth or Fit For Business Zones or Main Concorse

Price £325
  • Table approx 5ft x 3ft or a round table of equivalent size
  • Space for a shell system or other dispaly
  • Chairs for you, a helper and clients
  • Inclusion in the exhibitors' page
  • A bio page for you and your business
  • Logo on the front page with a link to your website
  • Promotion on Social Media
  • 1 Guest slot as a guest on the live Women In Business Radio Show (Ashford Studio)

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions will apply when you submit your payment:

Terms and Conditions:
1.  All exhibitors agree to remain until the event closes unless you make specific arrangements beforehand
2. Any electrical equipment you bring must be PAT tested.
3. Each exhibitor is responsible for their stand, table and area - please ensure the area is kept free from trip hazards and the stand is created in such a way as to not pose a risk to other exhibitors or visitors.
4. If you arrive with goods and services other than those which you booked for then you may not be allowed to sell, display or promote them on the day.
5. We reserve the right not to refund your stand space if you cancel before the event or fail to turn up on the day.
6. If you need to send someone else in your place, you must discuss this before the event otherwise your replacement may not be allowed to exhibit in your place.
7. If we cancel the event or your exhibition space, compensation is not automatic, and restricted to a refund of the cost of your stand. COVID - if covid restrictions apply we will reschedule the event, or take it online. Your exhibition fee also includes a significant element for marketing and promotion activities, which will be taken into account.
8. You must be fully insured and qualified for all activities, even free tasters.
9. You will need to provide yourself with a table covering.
10. You may bring children, however, we need to maintain a safe environment and ensure all attendees can enjoy the activities on offer. Some of the activities require a quiet environment (eg massage) and even well-behaved children can get bored and cause a disruption. Therefore we must reserve the right if this happens to ask that the children be taken outside. There will not be any activities or facilities to keep children amused.
11. Wifi will be available however, as with all such facilities, things do go wrong on the day. If your activity depends on being able to access wifi, we recommend you bring along your own back-up in case of failure on the day. There are a number of payment terminal providers that can work from your phone network if wifi is not available.
12. Every effort will be made to give you a table which matches the size and shape you were expecting or requested, however, we reserve the right to change that at the last minute if that proves necessary.
13. Burning incense sticks and naked flames are not permitted.


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