I’m Jasmine and I am an osteopath for people, dogs and horses based in Medway and Dartford. I qualified as an osteopath in 2016, and completed my post-graduate canine and equine training in 2018. I have specialist interests in chronic pain management, and joint hyper-mobility.

I use a combination of hands-on techniques, rehabilitation and advice to help you move freer, reduce your pain and improve your overall well-being.

I take into consideration all aspects of your health and how that can influence your pain. E.g. health conditions, recent stressful events. Understanding you as a whole person means I can truly tailor your treatment to suit your needs, and therefore you will get maximum benefit from your treatment.

I also believe it is important to look after our health, as prevention is better than cure. Therefore I also offer maintenance osteopathy treatments as a pro-active approach to catch any issues early on, preventing them from impacting your daily life.

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