Does Your Business Need An Orgasm?


Lorraine Crookes

Orgasmic Life

Learn why empowering sex, intimacy and pleasure can create greater health, wealth and happiness in your business.

Lorraine Crookes is an acclaimed figure, celebrated as an award-winning speaker, columnist, healer, educator, and emerging stand-up comedian. As CEO of Orgasmic Life, she empowers business professionals and entrepreneurs to unlock the most potent catalyst for their personal and professional growth.

Lorraine believes sexual energy is not only the driving force behind business success but also the key to overcoming any obstacles that may hinder progress. By empowering sex, intimacy, and pleasure, she asserts that individuals equip themselves with the essential tools required to cultivate robust health, abundant wealth, and boundless happiness across every aspect of life.

With over two decades navigating a double life as a respected middle leader and teacher in secondary education, Lorraine delved into the captivating realms of swinging, kink, and BDSM. Through this journey, she faced fear, shame, and guilt, and empowerment.

Embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery, Lorraine obtained qualifications as a tantra teacher, somatic bodyworker, mindfulness coach, and energy healer. As the Sexual Empowerment Liberator, she has transformed the lives of thousands of people who were stuck, not knowing what was holding them back in both business and bedroom.

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