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The Soul Rescuer Practitioner- The Shamanic Way


I am an Advanced Soul Rescuer Practitioner and incorporate a Shamanic Approach. This method is predominantly focused on Self-Awareness and healing the Emotional Body. Emotional trauma is perceived as an experience entirely relating to the life you are currently living. However, the origins are usually more complex and go much deeper and are also often connected to either Ancestral Trauma or Unresolved Past Life Trauma or both and its continued influence on you. The aim is to address and resolve negative belief systems that may hinder you when being challenged. For example, you may think you are not worthy of receiving abundance because you carry elements of hurt, guilt or shame. These feelings are often linked to ancestral belief systems or past life experiences that no longer serve you and hold you back. Another example is, are you putting up with a job you don't like? Is it because you may be carrying elements of fear around survival, power or success? During a treatment session, you will become aware of your issues and how they may have manifested. The healing itself will involve removing the negative effects of the restrictions of past life from your energy bodies. Including the removal of energy attachment that stops you from moving forward. Including Retrieving Soul Loss and much more.

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