Colleen Moonbeam

I am a psychic medium, past life lives is my passion, I read oracle cards, crystal dowsing, psychometry and I help people if they need spiritual guidance .

My journey in life lead me to stay on a Hopi Indian reservation where I learned some of their ways and their connection and beliefs to Mother Earth , the animals and the spirit world . This changed my whole life in every way . I have more peace in my heart and more connection to who I really am . My journey continues with spiritual awakenings

You will be able to book a reading with me . I do state time limits but never turn anyone way if we go over time as some people need more help with understanding their reading. You will be able to take a photograph of your reading so when your in your own home your able to think and see more clearly as you relax. Take one of my cards so if there are any questions you need answering I can do that

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