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Smartfreeze Containers

You probably have multiple containers in your freezer, filled with food you didn’t remember buying.

Most of it doesn’t even look safe to eat and you throw it away. This pattern keeps repeating every week.

You might be thinking of all the money you just wasted and even the damage to the environment caused by it.
I know how it feels, I was in your exact same shoes and this is why I came up with a solution to the problem.

I’m Amanda the Founder of Smartfreeze, a smart and sustainable food container, which, through its own mobile app, notifies users of meal expiry dates to reduce wasted food and enables them to better plan their meals.
All our containers are made of silicone, light yet resistant dishwasher- Oven and microwave-safe material, which gives you the opportunity to directly re-heat your food from the freezer and subsequently load it in the dishwasher. It doesn’t burn and it doesn’t crack either!

Households across the UK are seeing up to £300 in savings a year, which equals to potentially a full month of grocery shopping for a family of 4!
Imagine saving this much money in times like these, with energy prices and NI contributions hiking, just by switching to Smartfreeze.

Discover how Smartfreeze containers work, their benefits to the environment, reducing food waste, lowering your carbon footprint, and saving money!

Smartfreeze containers will be available to purchase.

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