Social Enterprise Kent

I am a social enterprise advisor working 2 days a week for social enterprise Kent. Aside from my consultancy role I run a charitable organisation called warriorkind, a not for profit raising funds to treat people for their mental health and run powerful campaigns that break down stigmas around mental illness and addiction. I am also the creative director for a media company called Ethical Creatives where we create ethical and thought provoking content for influencers and organisations that showcase their social impact. In addition I run a popular instagram account and host a podcast called "The Children of Alcoholics Podcast". I am a TEDx speaker, I have attended the houses of parliament as a VIP guest to campaign to the government to reinstate funding for children of alcoholics. I have featured across various media outlets including, BBC Radio 2, BBC Introducing, Best Magazine, The Telegraph, Happiful Magazine, The Sun, LBC Radio, BBC Radio 5 Live

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