Taking Part For Speakers & Exhibitors

Hopin is a fantastic platform and it will enable us to run online events, which are about as close to an in-person event as we can get.

There is, however, a bit of a learning curve, but it's ok, once you get your head round it, you'll get the hang of it. Also, we're running a number of these online events and you're going to get another chance, so think of this a learning exercise.

The information in this page also covers using it as an attendee and we wanted you to have that as well, so you could see how it was for everyone involved.

Further down the page are some short videos and just below are links to a selection of articles to show you how to use your expo, or vendor booth (as Hopin calls them).

These articles are useful and you might want to open them up for yourself and bookmark them to remind you on the day.

Using Hopin As A Vendor (Exhibitor)


Vendor Instructions


The Hopin Videos

How To Use Hopin As An Attendee - Speedy Overview

How To Use Hopin As An Attendee - A more in depth overview for For Exhibitors, Speakers

Hopin Expo Booth Speedy Overview

Exhibitors Expo Booth Use During The Event

Speaker Tutorial

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