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The Data Protection Lady

Technically I retired in 2023, but after six weeks I got bored and set up 'The Data Protection Lady' to guide small businesses and charities through ever more complex data protection and marketing compliance requirements. The business name came from colleagues usually saying 'Ask Bev, she's the Data Protection Lady' and it stuck....

A seasoned professional, I've almost 24 years experience in the data protection world working in, and for, the private, public and charity sectors. I offer a host of services ranging from a fixed-fee website healthcheck (for GDPR and PECR, that's marketing and cookie compliance) and bespoke training, to a fully outsourced Data Protection Officer service (that's especially useful for smaller organisations who don't need someone inhouse or full time), deep dive compliance audits and policy drafting.

Conversations are always free though and I like nothing better than a virtual (or real) cuppa and chatette with organisations who simply don't know what they don't know....

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