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We help people to save money, and help people to earn an extra income alongside their job, family and other commitments.

4 years ago today I joined UW as a partner.

When I joined I was a mortgage adviser - it was my own business.. and I worked on my own!

At the time I was working very long hours - probably 6am start to get the admin done, and 9pm finish as many customer appointments were done out of hours.

I drove around for 3 months asking myself .... Why am I not doing this business..... this went around and around my head... and I couldnt' see any reason not to!

I had to get sign off from the FCA - and that was a quick process.. and off we went

In those 4 years as a team we have helped 877 homes to save money. In these current times thats a great feeling to know that people are getting the best possible deal.

I had a lightbulb 💡moment in September 2019 (15 months after joining) - I was on a bus - going round Central Park NY. We were on holiday there as a reward from UW, and I was trying to sort someone's mortgage! I realised I really didn't need my life to be like that... as I was earning as much from UW as I was from working ridiculous hours doing mortgages! So.. I sold my mortgage business and its been the best decision I EVER made

Along the way we have had great fun, met some amazing people, been to some fantastic places.

And I am looking forward to the next 4 years!

Onwards and Upwards!!

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