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Vistitors will have the opportunity to talk to me on one to one to learn more about what I do and how I can support them in their personal and professional life to make positive transformations.
I shall be offering:
1. a Lucky Draw to win 40 mins coaching session with me
2. promotional packages will be on offer to buy at the venue only
3. opportunity to sign-up to my database for the monthly newsletter that will keep them posted about free tips tools, upcoming events/webinars and promotions
4. opportunity to buy at a really reduced price,(limited copies only) a copy of my book "Begin Each Day With Positive Affirmations and Empowering Questions" (cost on Amazon is £10.99)

Zeenat states, “I truly believe it’s possible to have a healthy mind and healthy body to allow you to reach your goals/ dreams for successfully when you have the right tools and strategies at hand- importantly to be open and authentic with yourself. When you are mindful, both works hand in hand then amazing things begin to happen!”

Until about 3 years ago, Zeenat’s health took a massive health dive, became stressed, lost her bubbly energetic personality, even lost control of her life and her passion in teaching. During her burnout it was then that something sparked within her. She knew something had to change drastically. So, taking the biggest leap ever she handed in her resignation with no savings, no job to go to, just loads of bills, debts and a mortgage to pay for. Finding herself slowly back on track she set out on a journey to learn and discover more about herself and her true passion, the thing that would ignite the fire within her. Zeenat soon learned that her lifestyle choices together with changing her mindset and resilience could help unravel these anxieties and stresses and found the balance in her own life that she had faded away.

Zeenat is a Mental Health Wellbeing Therapist and speaker who works with professional men, women and organisations who struggle with anxiety, stress, health and mental health issues. She is a qualified Performance Life Coach | NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programmer) |Mental Health First Aider, Kinetic Shift| Rapid Hypnotist| Mindfulness Practitioner and an EFT Therapist. Also accredited and a member of the ANLP, UK Hypnosis Academy and Energy Practitioners Association.

Within her coaching process she encompasses the importance of breaking down limiting beliefs, building a powerful mindset and resilience, that will serve her clients in reaching their greatest potential.
Imagine if you had the right tools and strategies to help you make positive transformational results? What amazing things would you achieve if you achieved what you dream of, full of positivity and energy? She knows from her own experiences and those of her clients, the relief of being free from self-limiting beliefs is immeasurable.

Her mission is “Helping you achieve the life you desire - helping you find and forge your path.” I can help you do this.
She wants you to succeed. She wants you to discover your full potential and reach your ultimate goals, leading to a much more fulfilling life. Zeenat is able to very quickly choose the right tool from the magic toolbox to ensure a tangible result as soon as possible. This ultimately builds trust; which allows more sustainable strategies to be put into place which are bespoke to her clients’ needs. Seeing clients succeed and make positive transformations is what inspires and drives her enthusiasm even more.

Zeenat is genuinely interested in supporting and promoting mental health and wellbeing coaching. She is proud to be part of an industry that is constantly changing and growing where differences can be made, by promoting and empowering the individual or organisations to take charge of their health and that of their employees, peers and loved ones.

As a MHFA, she is dedicated to dispelling the negative stigma around mental health and bringing about greater awareness and understanding of the issue. So many of us suffer from: imposter syndrome, clarity of vision/goals, fears, limiting beliefs, stress/anxiety, mental health and wellbeing issues. It’s far more common than you might believe.

Would you like to:

• Gain the tools and strategies to support you to reach your goals
• Discover a deeper understanding of yourself and others these
• Have greater resilience and a positive mindset
• Build greater self-confidence in who you are and what you do
• Create a positive outlook on how you see the world and handle obstacles with significantly more self-awareness and gratitude

Those of who have taken action and worked with her have described a euphoric sense of release having spent years feeling burdened, weighed down. Once her clients have made that amazing shift, their lives have been full of abundance.

To succeed in business, you need to be great with people. As such, with Chandra Sharma, Zeenat is also the Joint founder of The People Skills Course. Chandra brings his years of experience as a businessman and together with her NLP skills, they are the perfect match for helping people learn how to communicate better. By addressing Communication & Language skills, they found their clients were able to progress their business to the next level. Their workshops enable you just that through understanding how powerful NLP can impact the growth of your business and your own self-awareness of how you do business.

If all of that is not enough, Zeenat is also a Professional Hair Stylist| Make-up Artist and a Yoga Teacher for children aged 5 to 11. She feels that it is important that from an early age, children gain an understanding of how the importance of mindfulness, focus, control, healthy well-being and having fun is key to their future growth.

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