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Albane Brand Photography

My journey started in Stoke-on-Trent 28 years ago when I came to do my MA in English. I then slowly made my way down to South East England. I stayed for many years in Brighton (loved the city and its creative energy) before I moved to Kent where I am now. After being in a sales rep, customer service advisor and translator, I finally found my ideal job in 2008 when I launched my photography business. For many years, I focussed on wedding and portrait photography but in 2020, I realised it was time for a change and decided to specialise in Personal Brand Photography.

As a female entrepreneur, I wanted to turn my past experiences into something positive and share how stepping in front of the camera has helped me boost my business. This is why I can relate to you who want to be visible but don’t know where to start. I understand you and I can help you by creating beautiful images that truly represent you and your business.

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