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Scam Alert - Hotel, Attendee List and Exhibitor Service Sales

Large conferences and events often become targets for companies seeking to take advantage of the attendees and exhibitors. We have had instances where attendees and exhibiting companies have been contacted by third-party companies for a number of reasons, including hotel reservations, selling attendee lists and scam exhibition services.

Scammers offering to sell these lists often aggregate information based on web crawler or email “scraper” programs on various websites (including LinkedIn and Facebook). While this is illegal in most countries, it does not prevent scammers from doing so. 

We do not have any arrangements with a third party for any partner deals, and any statements are fraudulent.  We do not sell lists of any kind or pass on any details submitted to us. We operate according to our Privacy Policy. If you are exhibiting with us, the only information we collect is that relating to your business, and so it is already within the public domain.

There is no attendee list taken or kept

Please ignore all of them and forward them to

Do not click through any links inside the email or give your details to anyone.  You will only be contacted by in connection with this event.

So far, the following email addresses have been identified:

Health and Safety

A Health and Safety risk assessment has been carried out and will be revised closer to the event date to ensure all relevant factors are taken into account.

All exhibitors are to be insured and alongside, that to operate safely, to be observant during the day and to help the organisers and supervisors to run a safe event.

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