"FSB Kent & Medway are excited about sponsoring the Women in Business Big Show.

Our research shows that Women in Business want tailored business support and the Big Show sets to provide a host of business services and support, tailored specifically for women. Women in business want to know where they can find out about access to finance and are sometimes reluctant to approach banks and traditional lenders initially. The Women in Business Big Show is a brilliant platform for women to find out more about finance in a less formal environment and indeed to discover all aspects of starting and running a business.

FSB are committed to encouraging more women to start their own businesses and recent reports show that if women started businesses at the same rate as men as much as £60bn could be added to the UK economy".


Deborah Turner (National Policy Lead FSB for Women In Business)

FSB Federation of Small Business
Information About Sponsoring The Show
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    How You Can Sponsor The Show

    There are a number of ways you can sponsor the Women In Business Big Show.  The most obvious is with money to support the production, organisation and promotion for the event.

    There's also the practical aspects to be used on the day.  Examples include Lanyards, 'Goody' Bags, Sound and Recording Systems, etc.

    Before outlining what you can expect as a sponsor, we thought you might like some background information, the development and potential future for the event and the ecosystem that is building around it.


    The Why, What and How of The Big Show

    An inclusive event, for all women in business. Bringing together those working B2C, who wouldn't usually exhibit at a large event, with the B2B professional services we all need.
    The cross pollination of those working B2C with women working B2B in the professional services.
    To engage with those women who may not consider themselves as a 'proper' business, to change their perception and encourage them to access resources.
    Increase confidence, reach and sales for all exhibitors.
    A platform for networking and collaboration
    To make it affordable in terms of exhibitor costs to be there on the day and to reduce the expectation about costly accessories, such as banners, shell systems, cards, leaflets etc.
    Whilst the event is inclusive and we already have those with young children booked, the focus is on women over 40 already in business or considering starting.

    Future Development

    We already have commitment and enthusiasm from several networking and membership groups for businesswomen.

    We expect that when this is combined with ongoing social media promotion, the existing Women In Business Radio Show, connections and the development of this website into a directory, events and article platform, we can continue to involve all participants in an evolving and expanding business community for all women.

    Also, Federation Of Small Businesses (FSB) are key sponsor and supporter for the event, and their female members exceed 24,000.

    Ongoing support from Social Enterprise Kent for developing this programme to provide social and community support to businesswomen who wouldn't otherwise be able to access networking and resources is an excellent indicator of how this will progress beyond a one-day event.

    As a sponsor, this gives longevity to the demonstration of your social support and/or increases your organisation's exposure to women as their business journey evolves.  You can become part of their story.


    The Story Behind The Big Show

    I'm Sian Murphy and I've been a businesswoman in Kent for 15 years. I started my business when I was 45 after a long local government career.

    As part of my business journey, I've exhibited and spoken at some of the key B2B events in Kent and the UK.  It wasn't until I started running local community craft and pampering events in Medway that I met those business women who keep their families and communities afloat with a micro-businesses.

    What I noticed was how the vast majority of the businesswomen using local fairs to promote and sell their products and services didn't consider themselves to be a 'proper' business.  In practical terms when I would signpost them towards some of the startup and business support services they could access for free, they just didn't feel it was for them.  They felt too small and a common response was 'that's not for the likes of me'.

    What I also noticed was how they had solid business ideas, goals, plans and were driven to succeed.  They just use different terminology so were effectively excluded from the business support because they didn't speak the same language. They don't talk about turnover or cash flow forecasts, but can usually tell you straight off the top of their head how they have taken 27% more money than they did at the fair last week. There may not be any mention of KPIs and SMART goals, but they know in solid figures what they have to do to get what they need.

    And there are thousands and thousands of women running their business like this, under the radar, and for whom most of the exhibitions and business resources feel beyond their reach.

    Therefore, the exhibition space for this event starts at £35, which is less than the price of a meal for 2 at a family-style restaurant.

    It may not seem like much, but for many, an extra £100 a month created by a business and brought into the family can double their disposable income. This money enhances the local and national economy.

    What I want to achieve is to unite women in business so we can all grow and learn from each other and to foster how it's much more about approach than turnover, terminology and technicalities.

    What Can You Expect As A Sponsor?

    Whilst sponsorship is so much more than your logo on things, of course your logo will be on the main website, with a link to your website.
    Your logo will be on the Event Pages on social media and promotion platforms as well as included in the images for relevant promotional posts on our social media channels (approx 25k combined followers).
    Your own page on the website with a bio and explanation behind your support, company ethos, values and relevant offers.
    Exhibition Stand in a prime location
    1 month of sponsorship of the Women In Business Radio Show, plus a guest slot on a live broadcast show. During the broadcast you will say why you wanted to get involved and how you're helping. The broadcast will be preserved as a podcast and published across approximately 30 platforms (including iheart and iTunes). You will also get a recording of the show to use and embedd on your own website and social media platforms.
    Introduction as a sponsor at the opening of the Big Show VIP Breakfast.
    Engagement with our existing and new audiences before and after the event on social media and websites where we will also talk about your values and support.
    Alignment alongside organisations who will also be promoting this event.
    Many women in business sit at the heart of the community, which means you will potentially increase your reach to the schools, charities and other organisations they engage with.
    We believe this is the first event of its kind in the UK with the capacity for an excess of 100 exhibitors, 1,000 visitors, 20 speakers, workshops and business clinics. With the correct backing, this can be achieved. The enthusiasm is apparent, the connections to make it happen already exist and so it’s now about organisation and promotion. As a sponsor, this is your opportunity to be involved.
    An opportunity to encourage and influence more women to start and grow businesses in the South East which will have a huge positive effect on the UK economy and will increase the visibility of women in business as confident role models for the younger generation.


    Event Sponsor £500 - Key Points

    • Your Business bio on the website with a link to your website and social media profiles
    • Logo on the front page of the website
    • Social Media announcements and promotion with branded images, including your logo and personnel
    • Logo on the main event header (website, Facebook Event, LinkedIn Event, Eventbrite and other event platforms)
    • Sponsorship of one live Women In Business Radio Show
    • One guest slot in the studio for the live radio show
    • Exhibition stand at the event
    • Inclusion in the promotion through to 2025.


    What To Do If You're Interested In Sponsoring

    Please call Sian Murphy on 07951 168863 or 01634 566321 or email sian@stormchasersevents.com

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