Annabelle Antao-Bithrey

Annabelle Antao-Bithrey

House of Colour Longfield

Annabelle started her career in banking 25 years ago with a leading international investment bank, working her way from temp to deputy team leader of European client services.
After having her first child, Annabelle became a full-time mother and supported her husband’s business in an administrative role. When her second child was born with additional needs, requiring ongoing medical treatment, Annabelle spent the next two years in and out of hospital with her youngest daughter.

To ensure her youngest child received the medical and educational attention she required over the following years, Annabelle became an advocate for her daughter; meaning that she needed to find her own voice in order to speak on behalf of others. It was at this time she discovered House of Colour and learned how to stop being invisible.

Since becoming a consultant with House of Colour, Annabelle has empowered several women and men to find their confidence and helped them become visible too.
After all, knowing your colour and style is more than knowing what suits you. It allows you to have fun and the freedom to express yourself. As one of her clients recently said, ‘Thank you for giving me permission to be myself. You have changed my life!’ Her clients come from a varied background from stay at home mums and CEO’s to small business owners and include some international clients.

She specialises in helping entrepreneurs and coaches who want to become more visible, especially if they are active speakers.

Annabelle has appeared on radio and has also been published in the local press a number of times, from style guides to top tips on how to stay cool in the summer months. She has given various presentations on the benefits of colour and style and has been invited to speak at various events.

When she is not working, Annabelle enjoys spending time with her family and entertaining. She is a voracious reader and enjoys rocking out at concerts or attending theatre shows whenever she can. Annabelle also loves to travel and visit new places, either with friends or her family, but is equally happy at home doing a jigsaw and sunbathing in the 3 weeks of sunshine that we get in the UK.


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