Simple Breath Techniques To Get You Relaxed

Laura & BArry Ash

Simple Breath Techniques To Get You Relaxed

In this workshop, you will learn what YogaBreathing is, the science behind your breath and how to apply this ancient artform to get IMMEDIATE and IMPACTIVE results.

We will show you how using the power of your breath you can reduce stress and anxiety, and boost your digestion and sleep quality.

We will be sharing with you how your breathing rate is affecting your body right now and how you can change this in an instant.

Come prepared to give this a go and see for yourself how powerful this is in this unique workshop

Stress Management And Techniques To Help You Feel Better

Stress Management And Techniques To Help You Feel Better

In this workshop, we will be looking at stress from a different angle. You will learn about what stress is, its history, the symptoms of stress and how it affects the body.

Plus we will talk about POSTIVE and NEGATIVE stress and look at how you are filling up your penny jar.

Then we will help you with some practical tips and steps you can take to put a lid on your simmering pot of stress and ease your inner stress bunny.

Our ethos is knowledge is power and you will walk out of this workshop with a lot more knowledge and practical things you can do to manage your stress levels leaving you back in control!

Laura And Barry Ash

Rock Solid

We help people integrate healthy habits into their busy schedules to create happier healthier lives where they become fitter and stronger and build better reliance on overcoming things like burnout and ill health

We do this with our super 6 pillars of health and wellbeing that have been specifically developed to help people with their mental emotional and physical well-being

We work with corporate and large organisations like HMP Prison Service, Kajima, and Wellity delivering trainings and programs on topics that enhance staff wellbeing

As well as individuals looking for some guidance, support and accountability with their health and lifestyle

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